Airless Pump Bottle-About Airless Pump Technology


As the owner of a cosmetics company, you may have heard […]

As the owner of a cosmetics company, you may have heard the word "gasless" during packaging. But what is this and is it suitable for your product?


The term "airless" comes from the system, which does not require an air inlet for evacuation or contact with the air of the product itself. Airless pump technology provides a pressureless Airless evacuation system. When the pump is pushed down, the disc inside the bottle will rise to push the product up and out.


Airless pumps provide benefits for many different types of cosmetics. As more and more cosmetic companies discover this pumping technology, the demand for such packaging is also growing. The benefits of these airless distribution containers are:



Extend the shelf life of the product without affecting the quality of the content

Provide better hygiene

Allows for cleaner product distribution

Provides up to 99% evacuation effect with little waste

Enhance product preservation and stability

Allow precise and controlled applications

360 degree dispensing

Easier to use

Provide greater portability

Can convey a sense of luxury that customers are willing to pay for

Provide recyclability


Environmental protection, no CFC emissions


For brand awareness, especially when conveying a sense of luxury, packaging is an important part. Organic and natural products and luxury product lines have used airless pump technology to convey high-end feel, while making their products more viable for longer periods of time. Airless pump technology can help create the high-end feel that many consumers want.



Product preservation

Today, the use of natural and organic ingredients in many products to preserve is an important consideration. Today's manufacturers need to know that packaging can guarantee the longevity of these products. Airless pump technology can form a tight seal to prevent product exposure to external factors.


Because no air can enter the product, manufacturers can protect their products from impurities and provide completely hygienic products. This also provides a secure, tamper-proof system that is not only free of contaminants, but will not change after packaging.



Completely evacuated

No air pump technology can completely evacuate the product. For traditional pumps, there is always something left at the bottom of the container. The airless pump can completely evacuate the product, so consumers can use all the last products in the container. Especially when it is a luxury product with a higher price, consumers want to get all the last bits of use.




Airless technology also provides a level of convenience that typical pump containers cannot. With 360-degree distribution capacity, it is particularly suitable for mist and emulsion distribution. Distribution can also be done from an upright or inverted position.


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