Cosmetic Bottles Are Packaged Into New Materials


Constantly developing new materials and new processing […]

Constantly developing new materials and new processing technologies and pursuing new shapes has always been the focus of development in the   Cosmetic Bottles   industry. A packaging technology engineer who has been engaged in material research for a long time said: "Now, the application of a variety of materials is not limited to glass bottles, plastic bottles, and new materials have become the basis for the introduction of new products in the cosmetics industry to improve existing products. One way. "He said that the Procter & Gamble, which was launched last year, for example, the "Zest" brand of the bottle body material will change the texture of hard plastic, and choose a more humanized soft plastic packaging, "actual Above, this is a product that increases affinity."

It does not matter that the “enthusiasm” of successfully launching the packaging materials of its choice. For example, P&G's other brand, “Pantene”, has made considerable efforts on the existing strong brands and in packaging design and material improvement, and strives to inject new vitality into the “old” brand. It also means that fashion, eye-catching, dynamic, fun bottle packaging design and new uses will be one of the means to win the ultimate cosmetics manufacturer in the future. In the field of skin care products, durable and beautiful packaging is endless.

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