Plastic Bottle Manufacturer-Plastic Bottle Blow Molding, Process Planning


First, the shape of plastic bottle blow mold CAD modeli […]

First, the shape of plastic bottle blow mold

CAD modeling of the whole machine is required for processing. To cope with the whole machine to be processed, it is necessary to create two entities: the machine blank and the machine entity. Enter Catia's MechanicalDesign's PartDesign module for solid modeling. Create a 72x70x200 cuboid blank, then use the reversal extension cut feature to cut out the plastic bottle reversal extension profile φ60x120-φ24x10, and inherit the creation of the complete machine blank 72x70x200.

After the whole machine is modeled, check whether the blank is proper to the whole machine, insert the blank and the whole machine into the same coordinate system, and ensure that the blank can completely overlap.

2. Processing plan of plastic bottle blow mold

Process elucidation and situation

The processing machine is a workpiece with a complex profile. The cylindrical cone and its adjacent rounded surface have a large cutting amount, so the processing process is divided into three steps:

(1) Rough milling, the important purpose is to cut off a large amount of material; therefore, a larger cutting feed should be used, because the cutting force during the cutting process should be adopted down milling, the tool path plan is layered inward spiral milling. The inward spiral tool path is adopted to avoid idle travel during cutting, which minimizes the overall tool travel and reduces the processing help time. At the same time, it can also ensure that milling is always a down milling method that is good for cutting.

(2) Semi-finish milling, the important purpose is to cut off the boss produced by rough milling, in preparation for finishing; the layered inward spiral milling process adopted in the rough milling process, because the radius of the ball-end milling cutter itself cannot be prevented There will be a section of material that has not been cut off and has protrusions. The important purpose of this processing step is to remove these protrusions. For this purpose, the tool path is planned for Zig-Zag milling. Purpose, as shown in Figure 3 (b): Adopting a back-and-forth tool path eliminates lost motion during cutting, reduces machining help time, and guarantees the quality of milling.

(3) Fine milling, the important purpose is to iron processing to produce the necessary profiles, to ensure that the size, shape, status accuracy and profile quality of the requested arrival; in order to reach the request of roughness, the fine milling process adopts the criterion of tool path interleaving. The path of the precision milling process is along the axis of the plastic bottle. Therefore, the tool path of this process is chosen along the radial direction of the plastic bottle. If the tool path of this process is completely perpendicular to the path of the semi-finish milling path, the best removal profile can be reached. The result of the bump. The adopted toolpath plan is radial milling.

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