Plastic Cream Jar : What Is A Plastic Double Jar?


Double-layer cans are made of plastic and are the main […]

Double-layer cans are made of plastic and are the main high-quality packaging option for the cosmetics industry. Its entire surface is smooth and its wide mouth design makes it perfect for personal care creams or powder products. The double-layer water tank is unique in its two-layer structure-see it as a water tank in a water tank. It allows small batches (0.5 to 4 ounces) to stand out from large batches. Because jars are made of two layers of plastic, they are usually made white to give them a solid appearance.


Although these jars have many closure options, the plastic dome cap looks complete because the rounded corners of the dome are complementary to the round bottom. Many product manufacturers using these jars also use jar seals as dust caps to protect products on the shelf.



High-end look when paired with a dome cap
Ideal for cream or powder products
The double layer structure provides an additional barrier to the element


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