Plastic Sprayer Manufacturer-Plastic Spray Bottle Nozzle Design Requirements


The spray head of the spray plastic bottle is made of p […]

The spray head of the spray plastic bottle is made of polyvinyl chloride, and its production type is mass production. The nozzle material of spray plastic bottles is polyvinyl chloride.



From the perspective of performance, PVC materials have flame retardancy, self-extinguishing properties, and no dripping properties. In addition, they also have high strength, good weather resistance, and good geometric stability. From the perspective of dielectric properties, polyvinyl chloride has good electrical insulation and chemical stability. From the perspective of molding, polyvinyl chloride has good water absorption, poor melt flow, low shrinkage, and molding is not easy. . In addition, spray plastic bottles are prone to defects such as insufficient pouring and shrinkage when molding. When the molding temperature is relatively high, it is easy to decompose hydrogen chloride, and the injection speed is too fast to cause shrinkage. Therefore, care should be taken to control the molding temperature and residence time during molding. The injection system should be thick and short, the cross section of the inlet should be larger, and the cooling time should not be too fast. A large-diameter nozzle should be selected.



The spray plastic parts of the spray plastic bottle have higher requirements for the structure and size accuracy. In order to obtain a qualified plastic part, in addition to the reasonable selection of the raw materials of the plastic part, the structural processability of the plastic part should also be considered. The structural processability of the plastic part has a direct relationship with the design of the mold. Process requirements can be used to design a reasonable mold structure, which can prevent defects such as bubbles, shrinkage, depressions and cracks during molding, which can improve the production efficiency of spray plastic bottles and reduce part of the cost. In the design of the spray head plastic parts of the spray plastic bottle, the surface of the parts must be free of defects, burrs, and insufficient pouring. If there are no special surface quality requirements, such requirements are well realized. Therefore, it is the purpose to select the appropriate injection molding process parameters and obtain high production efficiency and economic benefits with very low energy and raw material consumption.


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