Plastic Sprayers Supplier -Plastic Spray Bottles: Features And Construction Types


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Ningbo RUICHANG Commodity Packaging CO , Ltd . is a professional   Plastic Sprayers Supplier    in China. Supply of high quality plastic sprayer for efficient application of cosmetic packaging. The following describes the characteristics and structural types of plastic spray bottles:

The main functions and characteristics of the plastic of the spray bottle:

① Most spray bottles have poor low temperature resistance and become brittle at low temperatures;

② Good impact resistance, will not produce important reactions;

③General moldability, good colorability, low processing cost;

④ Good insulation and low thermal conductivity;

⑤ Has better transparency and abrasion resistance;

⑥ Most spray bottles have poor heat resistance, large thermal expansion rate, and easy to burn;

⑦ The size is not disordered and easily deformed;

⑧Most spray bottles are light in weight, not chemically messy, and will not produce important reactions during use, and will not rust;

⑨The spray bottle ages easily, and after a long period of time, it will affect the use effect and value;

⑩Some spray bottles are easily soluble in solvents and will dissolve when encountering certain solvents.

There are basically two types of plastic polymer structures used in spray bottles:
The first is a linear structure. A polymer compound having such a structure is called a linear polymer compound;

The second is the body structure. A polymer compound having such a structure is called a bulk polymer compound. Some polymers with branched chains are called branched-chain polymers, which belong to a linear structure; while some polymers have cross-linking between molecules, but less cross-linking, they are called network structures and belong to a body structure.

The two different structures of the spray bottle show two opposite functions. The linear structure (including the branched structure) polymer has elasticity and plasticity because it has independent molecules. It can dissolve in solvents and heat energy. Melting, hardness and brittleness are small; because of the absence of independent macromolecules in the body structure polymer, there is no elasticity and plasticity, only swelling, and the hardness and brittleness are greater. The spray bottle has two types of polymers. Thermoplastic spray bottles are made of linear polymers, and thermoset spray bottles are made of bulk polymers.