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Plastic Sprayers Supplier    today mainly talk to you a […]

Plastic Sprayers Supplier    today mainly talk to you about the differences between external pumps and internal pumps that we often talk about.

External pump: For nozzles and pump heads, everyone should know that a spring needs to be placed inside the product center. The external pump, ie the spring in the center of the nozzle / pump head, is externally visible, generally placed in Above the pump core, the assembly is directly connected to the spray head / pump head cap. The advantage of the external pump is that it is not in direct contact with the liquid in the bottle, which is environmentally friendly and hygienic, and can prevent 100% of the rust of individual springs from affecting the quality of the product in the bottle. Of course, this problem is rare, because most of the springs are Is processed. In addition, the force of the external pump is larger than that of the internal pump, so the general pump head uses more external pumps, which is suitable for more viscous liquids such as emulsion stock solution.

Internal pump: opposite to the external pump, the internal pump is the spring of the nozzle / pump head center is invisible, generally located in the middle of the pump body, the internal spring can directly contact the liquid, and the pressure channel is relative to the external The pump is slightly smaller, and is generally used in health products, essential oils, perfumes, skin care water, etc., which are closer to water.


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