PP Bottle: Introduction Of Polypropylene Homopolymer And Polypropylene Copolymer


The PP material in the   PP Bottle   is divided into PP […]

The PP material in the   PP Bottle   is divided into PP homopolymer and PP copolymer, which respectively introduce their differences and common characteristics.

The propylene homopolymer has a high strength to weight ratio and is harder and stronger than the copolymer. These properties combined with good chemical and solderability make it the material of choice for many corrosion resistant structures.


Polypropylene copolymers are slightly softer but have better impact strength and are tougher and more durable than propylene homopolymers. It tends to have better resistance to stress cracking and low temperature toughness than homopolymers, but at the cost of a very small reduction in other properties.

The potential applications of PP homopolymers and PP copolymers are almost identical


This is because they have a wide range of shared attributes. Therefore, the choice between these two materials is usually based on non-technical standards.