Understand The Molding Process Of PP Bottle


The PP bottle is hollow-molded by the injection-blowing […]

The PP bottle is hollow-molded by the injection-blowing method, that is, the molten PP injected by the injection molding machine is injected into the injection mold, and the transparent bottomed parison is formed by rapid cooling, and then the parison is heated inside and outside at another station to reach a certain temperature. The preform is then extended to a certain ratio and then filled with compressed air to obtain the desired hollow product. The molding method is characterized by the same stretching ratio in the axial direction and the radial direction, which can improve the mechanical properties, the barrier property, the transparent property and the wall thickness of the blow molding container, which is the wall thickness of the product in the blow molding. The thinnest process. It has the advantages of uniform wall thickness, good dimensional stability, light weight and high strength, so it has a wide range of applications. The injection blowing process can be divided into a fully automatic one-step method and a fully automatic two-step method. The two-step process is characterized by the preform being finished on a dedicated high-speed injection molding machine, which is generally more efficient. Since the raw material is not dried, the bottle is not required to be shaped and crystallized, so the process is easier to control, the equipment investment is less, and the flexibility is large, and the ordinary PP plastic bottle can be produced on the same set of equipment. It can produce hot-filled bottles and the adjustment time of the equipment is also very short.




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