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This distribution option has several advantages, as som […]

This distribution option has several advantages, as some companies have turned to airless packaging technology. Its strengths, combined with trends in the beauty industry related to ingredients and consumer preferences, ensure strong growth in the technology even in difficult economic conditions.


Many of today's formulations, especially in the field of cosmetic bottle products - skin care, are major candidates for airless dispensing technology. Two trends involving formulations have particularly contributed to the airless popularity: natural ingredients and increasingly sophisticated products.


Many companies have released products with little or no preservatives, making the formulation particularly sensitive to contamination. At the same time, older people need more and more complex formulas to fight signs of aging. These formulations tend to utilize sensitive ingredients, which also require protection of airless containers.


In addition to formula considerations, airless technology offers brands more advantages than traditional containers.


“The main difference is that there is no immersion in the air, but a diaphragm is added to evacuate the product. As the diaphragm moves up to the bottle, the product is almost 100% evacuated. This percentage usage is also very good. The selling point packaging is more “green”, sustainable and less wasteful.”


Controlling the dose is also an important benefit of steering vacuum pump packaging. High-end skin formulas and anti-aging formulas benefit from “precise repeatable dosing that cannot be done in tubes. ”


It also has health benefits. “The need for more hygienic packaging is also a big boost because once the product is discharged, it does not flow back into the equipment.”


Finally, the luxury of the airless dispenser also helps drive sales. “Depending on the market in which the brand competes, high-end pumps may be required to compete. In this economic situation, it is especially important to ensure that brands do their best to reduce returns and build customer loyalty. An easy way to lose customers is in the market. The product is not working properly due to poor packaging quality.


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