Vacuum Pump Manufacturer-Technical Advantages Of Vacuum Pumps


Airless pumps use different technologies, but piston sy […]

Airless pumps use different technologies, but piston systems are common. In this system, there is a flexible bag at the bottom of the container that folds when using the product. This system is the cheapest and most widely used system and usually comes with a rigid bottle.


The air-tight environment created by the airless pump prevents reactive compounds from decomposing the product.


Another type of airless dispenser system is called a bag-in-bottle, which uses an inner bag that folds when the product runs out. This system is not common, but is often used in products that require excellent oxygen barrier properties.


As packaging companies are ready to provide customized services, airless pumps come in many styles, shapes, colors and sizes. Common volumes for airless bottles are 15 ml, 30 ml, 50 ml, 100 ml, 120 ml and 150 ml.


In terms of decoration, high-end design is a new trend. Consumers are embracing this trend as it helps their products stand out. The sleek, modern look not only appeals to consumers. But the function of the airless pump is added value.


Common airless pumps can be converted to high-end dispensers using technologies such as hot pressing, embossing and screen printing. Decoration options include double walls, embroidered laces and faux leather motifs.


The advanced features of airless pumps include metallized actuators, smooth collar shapes and biodegradable options.


With many beauty products on the market almost every day, the need to stand out has never been stronger. Packaging is critical to the success of the product on the market, and for advanced formulations, airless pumps are the perfect solution.


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