Basic Quality Requirements For Cosmetic Airless Bottles


Cosmetic Airless Bottles    are the main category of co […]

Cosmetic Airless Bottles    are the main category of cosmetic bottles. Its design principle is to use the contraction force of the spring, instead of letting air enter the bottle, resulting in a vacuum state, and using atmospheric pressure to push the piston at the bottom of the bottle forward. However, due to the spring force and atmospheric pressure, sufficient force cannot be provided, so the piston cannot be attached to the bottle wall too tightly, otherwise, the piston will not be able to rise due to excessive resistance. Conversely, if the piston is easy to advance and leak easily, the vacuum bottle places high demands on the professionalism of the manufacturer. In this issue, we mainly discuss the basic quality requirements of airless bottles.



First, appearance quality requirements
1. Appearance: Airless bottle and lotion bottle caps should be complete, smooth, without cracks, burrs, deformation, oil stains, shrinkage, clear threads, full. The main body of airless bottles and lotion bottles should be complete, stable, smooth, straight and The smooth thread is full, no burrs, small holes, no obvious scars, stains, deformations, and no obvious misalignment of the mold line. Clear bottles should be clearly visible.
2. Cleanliness: clean inside and outside without any pollution or ink stains.
3. Outer packaging: The packaging carton should not be soiled and damaged. The packaging box should be lined with plastic protective bags, which can easily scratch the bottle. Covering the packaging should avoid scratching. Pack in a fixed number of boxes and "seal" with tape, do not mix. Each shipment is accompanied by a factory inspection report and must clearly identify the contents, name, quantity, date of manufacture, manufacturer, etc. of the outer box identification.



Second, surface treatment and graphic printing requirements
1. Color difference: the color is uniform, according to the specified color or within the sealed range of the color plate.
2. Surface adhesion: The appearance of airless bottles, lotion bottles is spray-painted, electroplated, stamped, printed. Use 3M810 test tape with stamping and stamping (silver) pieces, smooth, so that there are no bubbles in the cover piece, stay for 1 minute, showing 45 ° Then quickly peel off, the peel area is less than 15%
3. Printing and bronzing (silver): The typeface and pattern should be correct, clear, uniform, without obvious skew, dislocation, and defect; the bronzing (silver) should be complete, without leakage, dislocation, and no obvious accumulation or jagged.
4. Wipe the gauze moistened with disinfectant alcohol back and forth twice on the printing parts without causing discoloration of the print and gilding (silver) to fall off.



Third, product structure and assembly requirements
1. Dimension control: After cooling of all assembled products, the dimensions shall be controlled within the tolerance range, and shall not affect the assembly function and hinder the packaging.
2. The outer and inner covers should be assembled in place without any skew or assembly.
3. The inner cover will not fall off when subjected to a tensile test with an axial force of ≥ 30N;
4. The buckle position of the inner and outer bottles should be clamped in an appropriate position, and the tightness is appropriate; the assembly tension of the middle and outer bottles is ≥50N;
5. There should be no friction between the inner wall of the inner bottle and the outer bottle group to prevent scratching;
6. The cap and bottle rotate smoothly without jamming;
7. The alumina piece is combined with the corresponding lid and bottle body, and the tensile force at 24H after drying is ≥50N;
8, the pump head feels flat according to the test spray, and there must be no blockage;
9, the gasket is not less than 1N tensile force does not fall off;
10. After the specification cap matches the thread of the corresponding bottle body, the gap is 0.1 ~ 0.8mm.



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