Knowledge Of Airless Pump Bottle


What is an airless pump bottle? Unlike conventional dis […]

What is an airless pump bottle?
Unlike conventional dispensers that use a tube or suction tube to draw the product out, the airless pump bottle has a vacuum mechanism.

Airless pump bottles are divided into three parts:


Base: There is a small hole in the base, which can enhance the vacuum effect and make air intake possible

Plate: Inside the bottle, there is a plate (or plate) on which your skin care products are placed.

Pump: creates a vacuum effect by suction to extract the product.

With each pumping action, the product located on the plate (in the bottle) is pushed up by vacuum, air enters the hole at the bottom of the bottle, pushes the plate holding the product, and then pushes it up.


First use: Filling airless pump bottles
As with any new cosmetic bottle, you will need to "fill" the airless pump bottle for the first time. Pumping slowly for about 10-15 times ("strokes") will create the

vacuum required to dispense the product and essentially activate the vacuum pump system.


Tip: If your dispenser stops working at any time, simply repeat the startup process to restart the airless pump system.



Why switch to airless pump bottles?

Good question for many reasons. continue reading:


reduce air pollution

In the air, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals begin to break down and deteriorate. good news? These airless pumps have automatic air lock nozzles to prevent your skincare products from unnecessarily coming into contact with air and pollutants, reducing product contamination.


Keep products fresh and effective

The lack of straws and straws can prevent the growth of bacteria and thus maintain the integrity and efficacy of skin care products.


Goodbye preservatives!

For reasons 1 and 2, clean, natural skin care products can be stored without the use of conventional chemical preservatives. Enough said.


Zero waste

It sounds obsessive-compulsive, but all of us are in an unexpected situation: too much milk is accidentally drawn out, there is nowhere else to go, and we waste it. Well, not in the absence of an air pump, the dosage of each pump is the same. In addition, with vacuum systems, these pumps are able to extract all products.

Environmentally friendly and lower cost

Airless pump bottles are refillable and reusable, minimizing packaging waste and reducing costs for you (the consumer). great!

Withdraw product at any angle

Never feel like you need to keep the bottle upright to pull the product out, or wait for it to settle after bouncing in your luggage. Pump out the product at any angle at any time.


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