Cosmetic Airless Bottles: Plays An Important Role In The Product


Nowadays people use some cosmetic bottles, many of whic […]

Nowadays people use some cosmetic bottles, many of which are packed in cosmetic airless bottles. We can use them when the press is available, and it is very convenient.


If the cosmetic airless bottle is squeezed, you need to have a better choice of the bottle material. It should not be broken. It is best to choose a plastic material, which is not easy to break, and it is more powerful under pressure. Generally, bottles filled with cosmetics will be in the freely moving part of the bottle, and then slowly moved to the top during use until the contents of the bottle are about to run out, the distance the tray will be on the top of the bottle.


Then open the lid, and then you can push the tray to the bottom to move. The bottle should be rinsed many times, because the skin care products need to be relatively clean, and then you can put them in cosmetics. If the pressure is too large, you can try it several times , And then easier to squeeze out cosmetics.



Because cosmetic airless bottles can meet consumer requirements for cosmetic packaging and practicality, demand is still relatively large. But because production is more complicated, the development speed is not enough. The airless bottle can be said to follow the latest development trends of skin care products to ensure product quality. Airless bottles can be complicated to keep the structure simple. Nowadays they are usually composed of airless bottles and pistons, which is easy to store various skin care products.


The rapid development of cosmetic airless bottles is to allow cosmetic manufacturers to produce natural cosmetics to ensure the quality of cosmetics. The entire airless bottle is one, which can ensure a true airless, can simplify the use of parts, save resources, and is particularly easy to recycle.


Although cosmetic airless bottles have not been widely used in the field of cosmetics, we believe that as the needs of consumers change and the production and production processes are continuously improved, the airless bottles will be better for consumer use.


Promote product sales: In the case of optimized bottle design, the effect of placing the emulsion product in a airless bottle attracts consumers with the unique appearance of the bottle, thereby promoting sales from the product and increasing the product sales to a certain extent.


These are the functions that airless bottles can play in use, and because of these functions, they are very suitable for packaging of emulsion products.


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