Cosmetic Bottles-What Are The Advantages Of Acrylic Bottles?


Acrylic bottles not only have the characteristics of pl […]

Acrylic bottles not only have the characteristics of plastic: drop resistance, light weight, easy coloring, easy processing and low cost, but also have the characteristics of beautiful appearance and high-grade glass bottles. That is, it allows cosmetic manufacturers to obtain the appearance of glass bottles at the cost of plastic bottles, and also has the advantages of resistance to drops and good transportation.


Manufacturers choose acrylic bottles as cosmetic containers. The first is its reliable packaging capabilities. The second is its good decorative effect. In particular, manufacturers want to take advantage of the aesthetic appearance of the bottle to improve the visual effect of the entire product, thereby promoting the appeal of the product to consumers.


Manufacturers choose acrylic bottles from cosmetic bottle manufacturers because they first value the excellent results that can easily be achieved in product packaging, and the many advantages they display. Secondly, due to the relationship between materials and production, the cost of such packaging bottles is not very high.


For acrylic bottles, compared with other ordinary packaging bottles on the market, it has obvious characteristics, it has good transparency, and the light transmittance can reach more than 92%, so that users can see the packaging products and have a more detailed understanding of them. To attract more users ’attention.


Although acrylic bottles have achieved great success in the cosmetics market, they have not been widely used in food, medicine and other packaging fields, which is also worth exploring and exploring by acrylic bottle manufacturers.


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