Cosmetic Airless Bottles: What Are The Advantages?


What are the advantages of Cosmetic Airless Bottles ? N […]

What are the advantages of Cosmetic Airless Bottles ? Ningbo RuiChang Commodity Packaging Co., Ltd . stated:


1. Oxygen, sunlight and microorganisms that are often exposed during storage and use of cosmetics can change their characteristics, causing odor, discoloration or contamination. This will shorten the shelf life of the product and reduce its quality and effectiveness when opened. Airless packaging helps prevent product contact with air and contaminants during filling, storage and use, extending service life and maintaining quality.


2. Since there is almost no risk of contamination and degradation in airless packaging, manufacturers can reduce the use of preservatives and make products more organic. This is a big advantage, especially in the case of natural products. In fact, some cosmetics can only be packaged in odorless cosmetic bottles.


3. Airless packaging avoids waste because consumers can use the product until the last drop. Precision pumps and other mechanisms used in airless packaging distribute products smoothly and accurately during each use, even for high viscosity products.


Different types of airless cosmetic bottles and dispensing pumps are available, each dedicated to a specific type of application. Environmentally friendly zero CFC discharge packages are available in different sizes and the airless pump can be activated via fingertips. An exact number of products are assigned each time it is used. Once the product is dispensed, the orifice is closed to keep the air flowing out.


Another type of package uses a bottle that accurately displays the color of the product and again provides a gas-tight, soft lip mechanism to prevent any excess flow of the product during and after use. Packaging options that maintain product neutrality by preventing metal or other components of the dispensing mechanism from affecting the product may also be provided. This is useful for high sensitivity formulations.


Another packaging option not only prevents contamination and ensures neutrality, but also has a mechanism to prevent any product that comes into contact with air during dispensing from flowing back into the bottle. If the product is dry at the pump opening, then a dispenser can be used to prevent this from happening.


An airless cosmetic bottle is also provided specifically for packaging and dispensing very viscous and sensitive products with a wide variety of ingredients. These products are ideal for products such as gels, balms, lotions and lotions.


Airless packaging technology is more expensive than basic packaging such as cans and tubes, however, as it becomes more popular, costs are falling. There are some cost advantages to using an airless technology because the amount of ingredients such as preservatives and antioxidants used to increase shelf life can be saved. A longer shelf life also allows for a longer shelf life. Airless packaging also allows for faster filling than traditional packaging.


The advantages and applications of Cosmetic Airless Bottles allow for the introduction of more organic products that are relatively free of preservatives. These products will also maintain their quality and provide a consistent user experience throughout their lifetime. Most cosmetic manufacturers will soon turn to airless packaging.