Plastic Sprayer Manufacturer: An Explanation Of The Sprayer


Plastic Sprayers Manufacturer    instructions: Sprayers […]

Plastic Sprayers Manufacturer    instructions: Sprayers come in different shapes, sizes and materials. They also differ in the rate of discharge, depending on the strength, softness or degree of dispersion required for the application of the liquid. These products are also known as finger sprayers in the cosmetic industry. They can be used in perfumes, hair sprays, facial sprays or other simple applications for common cosmetics.


A mist sprayer can be used for cosmetics that do not need to be poured. They are convenient for those who want a messy app. Cosmetics such as facial toners, make-up removers or hair gels can be applied using a finger spray. Smaller bottles can be stored in bags or purses for use during travel. Samples of products such as perfumes can be conveniently placed in small vials with airtight sprayers.

Crimp pump
The neck of the finger sprayer can be attached to almost any type of small bottle. Crimp necks are popular because they provide a gas tight fit to ensure a uniform pump. Crimp pumps are typically made of plastic, brushed aluminum or a combination of the two. These types of pumps are ideal because they are leak proof, but they are not refillable.

Screw cap
The top of the nut is easy to connect to any type of bottle. These are the most common types of sprayer tops on the market. These are usually made of PP plastic with stainless steel screws to achieve the same pump emissions. The top of the nut is easy to remove and clean. These nebulizers can be refilled, but they are not leak proof. The collars on the top of these screw caps are usually ribbed or smooth, but they can also be aluminized for a more elegant look.

The rate of output or discharge depends on the viscosity of the liquid in the product of the bottle to which the nebulizer is attached. These usually vary from a softer 0.12 cc to a stronger 0.4 cc change. A softer discharge rate is available for thinner liquid bottles. This type of pump is primarily used to spray small and finer outputs. A stronger discharge rate is ideal for hair spray or fast atomizing products. These are used for larger bottles that require a large number of applications.

The cosmetic device can be made of PP plastic, aluminum or a combination of the two. Plastic finger sprayers are easier to assemble and clean. Aluminum sprayers are of better quality, leaking and spill-proof, they look more elegant and less prone to blockage or blockage. However, sprayers made from this material cannot be refilled. The sprayer is a combination of PP plastic. Finger pumps are usually made of clear plastic and the collar is a brushed aluminum plate.

The plastic tube attached to the sprayer should conform to the size and length of the bottle. They are usually made of LDPE and attached to the neck of the sprayer. The diameter of the tube should match the thickness of the liquid in the bottle.