Development Of Cosmetic Airless Bottles


Now people use some cosmetic bottles, many of which are […]

Now people use some cosmetic bottles, many of which are used to squeeze cosmetic airless  bottles. We can use them when the press is available, and it is very convenient.


If the cosmetic airless  bottle is squeezed, you need to have a better choice of the bottle material. It should not be broken. It is best to choose a plastic material, which is not easy to break, and it is more powerful under pressure. Generally, bottles filled with cosmetics are in the freely moving part of the bottle, and then slowly move to the top during use until the contents of the bottle are about to run out. The tray will be at a distance from the top of the bottle.


Then open the lid, and then you can move the tray to the bottom. The bottle should be rinsed many times, because the skin care products need to be relatively clean, and then you can put them in cosmetics. If the pressure is too great, you can press it several times. Then it is easier to squeeze out the cosmetics.


Cosmetic airless  bottles are now used more and more widely in cosmetic packaging, which can reduce the contact of the contents of the bottles with air. The use of airless  bottles in China is relatively small, mainly due to the high demand for production. We will introduce the development of cosmetic airless  bottles.


As the airless  bottle can meet consumer requirements for cosmetic packaging and practicality, the demand is still relatively large. But because production is more complicated, the development speed is not enough. The airless bottle can be said to follow the latest development trends of skin care products to ensure product quality. Airless bottles can be stored in a complicated manner and the structure becomes simple. Nowadays, they are usually composed of bottles and pistons, which is easy to store various skin care products.


The rapid development of cosmetic airless  bottles is to allow cosmetic manufacturers to produce natural cosmetics to ensure the quality of cosmetics. The entire airless  bottle is one, which can ensure a true airless , can simplify the use of parts, save resources, and is particularly easy to recycle.


Although the airless  bottle has not been widely used in the field of cosmetics, we believe that with the changes in consumer demand and the continuous improvement of production and production processes, the performance of the airless  bottle will be better, so that consumers are worried about its use.


Today's cosmetics manufacturers do not just focus on cosmetics and skin care packaging when producing cosmetics, because it is the quality that consumers value most. Good-quality skin care products, no matter how good, are particularly vulnerable to infection. If you want to maintain their freshness, you must use a airless  bottle before they can play a specific role.



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