Knowledge Of The Strength Testing Of Cosmetic Bottles


 The common packaging forms of cosmetics mainly include […]

 The common packaging forms of cosmetics mainly include plastic bottles, hoses, glass bottles, and soft plastic packaging bags. In order to ensure the functional requirements of cosmetics, the raw materials used in different cosmetics are different, but in general, according to different performance and functions, the raw materials of cosmetics are divided into matrix raw materials and auxiliary raw materials. Oily raw materials are a kind of main matrix raw materials. Some ingredients of this kind of raw materials contain unsaturated bonds, such as olive oil. Such ingredients are easily oxidized and rancid under the conditions of suitable oxygen, light and temperature. , Produce odor, discoloration, etc. In addition, if some cosmetics are improperly produced, used, or stored, they can easily breed microorganisms and cause mold. Therefore, the packaging materials used in cosmetic containers should have good oxygen barrier properties and be able to block light, thereby reducing the amount of oxygen in contact with cosmetics and avoiding light.


Strength testing includes tensile strength of packaging materials, peel strength of composite film, heat seal strength, tear strength, puncture resistance and other indicators. Tensile strength refers to the material undergoing large stress values ​​before breaking. Inspection can effectively solve the packaging damage and breakage caused by the external force due to insufficient mechanical strength of the selected packaging material. Peel strength is also known as composite strength. It is used to detect the bonding strength between layers in a composite film. If the adhesive strength is too low, problems such as leakage due to separation between layers during packaging use are extremely likely. Heat seal strength is the strength of the seal. During the storage and transportation of the product, once the heat seal strength is too low, it will cause cracks in the heat seal and leakage of the contents. Puncture resistance is an index for evaluating the puncture resistance of a package against hard objects.


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