How To Deal With Cosmetic Airless Bottles Surface Friction


Cosmetic Airless Bottles are produced at high temperatu […]

Cosmetic Airless Bottles are produced at high temperatures. From glass solution to machine production, the process of high temperature to low temperature is experienced. It is inevitable that there will be collision and friction between the Airless bottle cosmetic products. When the bottle and the bottle are rubbed, it will be There are signs of friction, and sometimes the product will become a defective if it is not cooled. How can this be solved?


1 Reduce the speed: let the product cool down properly


2 Reduce the temperature of the glass solution of the feeder bowl: use a cooling fan to cool the glass solution in the feeder


3 spray cold spray paint on the product: spray the anti-friction paint when the product is in the assembly line to enhance the hardness of the product to avoid friction marks.