Lotion Pump Work Concept


A Lotion Pump , also known as a push-type lotion pump, […]

A Lotion Pump , also known as a push-type lotion pump, is a liquid dispenser that utilizes the principle of atmospheric balance to extract the liquid from the bottle by pressing and to fill the bottle with an external atmosphere. A commonly used lotion pump dose is a 1 cc-5 cc lotion pump. Ningbo RuiChang Commodity Packaging Co., Ltd . provides working concepts on lotion pumps.


1. Press the first time. During the first press, the main column of the main column is fastened to the emulsion pump to fasten the secondary column; during the tightening of the spring, the outer wall of the piston collides with the inner wall of the body to promote the opening of the piston. When the piston slides down, the air in the body is expelled through the opening of the now opened sub-column.


2. Press multiple times. Drain the air inside the bottle. This step is required regardless of which lotion pump includes a 5 cc lotion pump.


3. Draw liquid. Press the pump head through the main column, the secondary column, the piston, tighten the tension spring, discharge the air in the body, and then release the indenter. Then the liquid storage chamber forms a vacuum in the body. The liquid condition is that the glass ball is sucked up and the liquid in the bottle It is sucked into the body fluid storage chamber through the straw.


4. Store the liquid. The head is repeatedly pressed, and after repeated suction, the liquid is stored in the body until the liquid is completely stopped.