How much do you know about cosmetic bottles?


In the cosmetics world, we must say that the color is t […]

In the cosmetics world, we must say that the color is the highest, and the fragrance is not the same. Because of the unique design of bottle body, there are a few people who buy their money and return their pearl at present. And the unique design can really make consumers to deepen the impression of the product, and consumers, especially women consumers have certain emotional appeal to the product to some extent, those in line with aesthetic design and make people look bright cosmetics design, unconsciously let people be willing to loosen their wallets.


For a rational consumer, in addition to appreciating the design and creativity of cosmetics appearance, but also learn to identify different cosmetic materials. We should know that the containers used in cosmetics are closely related to quality, hygiene, usage and preservation.


At present, most bottles of cosmetics are glass and plastic, and a few are paper and metal. Today Xiaobian mainly talks about two categories of glass and plastic.