Plastic Sprayers Manufacturer -Spray Plastic Bottles: What Are The Advantages?


Spray plastic bottles have a variety of specifications […]

Spray plastic bottles have a variety of specifications to meet the needs of different consumption levels. At present, the cosmetics market is more competitive, and various manufacturers are investing more and more in cosmetics packaging. In order to meet the needs of different users, the capacity of spray plastic bottles also has different specifications corresponding to the user's choice.
The spray plastic bottle uses a spray method to spray out the liquid in the bottle, which can reduce waste and increase the contact area, which is more suitable for the use needs of the modern cosmetics industry. A certain proportion of nano-materials are added to the raw materials for the production of spray plastic bottles, which can improve the physical and chemical properties of spray plastic bottles, especially with good barrier properties, chemical resistance, and UV resistance. The toughness of the spray plastic bottles has also been improved accordingly, while reducing certain processing costs, so that the product will be more competitive.
The use period of spray plastic bottles is generally long. During repeated use, the surface of plastic bottles is prone to breed some bacteria, which affects the user's health. The antibacterial spray plastic bottle developed by Cangzhou Yikang can produce bacteria on the surface. During processing, the inorganic metal antibacterial agent is evenly dispersed in the raw material of the blowing bottle. After the improved blow molding process, the production place has antibacterial function. Spray plastic bottle has the advantages of long antibacterial time, good antibacterial effect, and good antibacterial spectrum performance.

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