Plastic Bottle Manufacturer -Cosmetics Plastic Bottle Packaging: Raising Specifications


The market development of cosmetic plastic containers a […]

The market development of cosmetic plastic containers and packaging in recent years has not been as rapid as before, which is mainly caused by pinch attacks in various aspects.

 The rise of environmental protection policies and environmental protection concepts has a great impact on cosmetic plastic container packaging. Environmental protection policies have affected a large number of small and medium cosmetic packaging bottle manufacturers, and many have shut down. Environmental protection has led people to turn to more environmentally friendly packaging materials such as paper.

Secondly, the plasticizer incident and the bisphenol A incident have also greatly affected the cosmetic plastic container packaging market. Due to the consideration of the safety and health of packaging materials, people have turned to more reliable glass bottle packaging. In recent years, glass bottle packaging orders have resumed rapidly.

In the traditional processing and manufacturing industry, there are many industries that have related standards and specifications for the products they produce. At present, in addition to food, medicine and other packaging products, plastic bottles have uniform standards. However, many types of plastic bottles involve many industries, and there are almost no corresponding standards and specifications. Unlike the machinery and other industries, which are basically large-scale enterprises, there are many small and medium-sized enterprises in the plastic bottle industry. Some even family workshops have no unified standards. There is no corresponding reference standard for purchasing businesses. Therefore, the plastic bottle market urgently needs to develop more industry standards.


For the standardization of plastic bottles, because there are many industries involved. Therefore, all parties need to be involved in the formulation process. Only downstream buyers, producers, and consumers can participate in the entire specification, and can plastic bottle standards meet market specifications. Such standards are more in line with market needs.

With relevant plastic bottle production standards and specifications. For plastic bottle buyers, there are relevant references in the procurement process. For production, there are also production standards, and uneven quality can be standardized.

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