Cosmetic Bottles-PET Bottle Gas Barrier: Improving Technology


PET bottles have strong applicability and are widely us […]

PET bottles have strong applicability and are widely used in daily necessities, daily chemical packaging and other fields. From mold processing to machinery and equipment are highly critical, easy to get started and difficult to do.


Because of its light weight, good storage stability, and emphasis on technical trends such as heat resistance and pressure resistance, Chinese cosmetic bottle suppliers' PET bottles have become the mainstream of cosmetic packaging today. Many beverages that require high-temperature sterilization to be filled such as flavored water, fruit juice, dairy products, sports drinks, etc. have also been packaged in PET bottles. PET bottles have become the main packaging materials for cosmetics containers. Due to its low environmental pollution and energy consumption, PET bottles are gradually replacing traditional packaging materials in today's rising environmental awareness. With its heat and pressure resistance, it has recently replaced PVC bottles, aluminum cans, iron cans, glass bottles, etc., and has become a packaging material with growth potential.

The strength and elasticity of PET are significantly higher than other raw materials. PET bottles suitable for cosmetic plastic containers with thin walls, light weight, and high strength have been used in China for many years and have developed rapidly. In recent years, it has become the main liquid and solid packaging container in the country. In the field of pharmaceutical packaging, with the same loading volume, the weight of a PET bottle is only about 1/10 of that of a glass bottle. For a bottle of the same diameter, the capacity of a PET bottle is 1.5 times that of a glass bottle. PET bottles can also be used to make transparent or opaque brown bottles with a variety of colors and exquisite appearance.


 There are four main ways to improve the gas barrier performance of PET bottles: processing through multilayer coextrusion technology to make it have a multilayer composite structure; surface coating treatment; adding some gas trapping agents; blending with other materials with barrier properties . Among them, multi-layer co-extrusion technology is a method that has been successfully used at present, but the improvement of barrier performance is small, at the same time it is difficult to recycle, and the cost is high. Surface coating is an emerging technology used to improve the gas barrier performance of PET bottles. Very thin gas barrier films can be obtained, which can effectively prevent gas molecules from passing through the PET bottle walls, and can also solve the problem of recycling.


Some of the coating materials currently used have been tested in practice. Among them, diamond carbon film (DLC) and silicon oxide materials are very popular materials in the industry. Silicon oxide coating is used to improve the gas barrier properties of PET film earlier than diamond carbon film. In the early 1980s, silicon oxide coatings were obtained through physical vapor deposition and chemical vapor deposition. However, silicon oxide film is brittle and requires relatively complicated processing in order to obtain lasting mechanical strength on the PET surface. In recent years, some products coated with diamond carbon film (amorphous hydrocarbon) on the surface of PET have appeared on the market, and the gas barrier properties of PET bottles have been greatly improved.


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