Plastic Bottle Manufacturer Introduction: Plastic Bottle Forming Process


Plastic bottle molding refers to the process of making […]

Plastic bottle molding refers to the process of making final plastic products from polymers made by synthetic resin manufacturing plants. Processing methods (called one-time processing of plastics) include compression molding (compression molding) extrusion molding (extrusion molding) injection molding (injection molding) blow molding (hollow molding) calendering and the like.



The operation can be automated, and injection molding is also called injection molding. Injection molding is a method of injecting a thermoplastic melt into a mold under high pressure by using an injection molding machine (or injection machine) to cool and solidify the product. Injection molding can also be used for the molding of thermosetting plastics and foam plastics. The advantages of injection molding are fast production speed and high efficiency. It can form parts with complex shapes, which is especially suitable for mass production. Disadvantages are high equipment and mold costs, and difficult cleaning of injection molding machines.



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